A Checklist For Hiring A Paving Contractor

by AAAI and Team on

Getting a repair of re-do of your driveway, pathway or parking area may sound like a small job, but all these projects add value to the property. No one would like to have cracks and potholes just in front of their door, it would impact the overall appearance of the property as well as may lead to a very unpleasant experience with your guest. Hence choosing a qualified and experienced paving contractor becomes imperative. In asphalt driveways sydney paving companies offer specialized packages for designing your parking area innovatively. As per, usually prominent paving companies take bigger projects of laying out city roads and highways, but the home improvement projects are a new variant which is gaining popularity in recent times and therefore they have come up with a dedicated team for the same.
Let us now review steps to be followed for appointing a paving contractor.
• Arrange for multiple quotes: It is always better to ask quotation from multiple contractors. Comparing their offering, the rate quoted and reputation in the market, one should finalize the contractor. Taking references from family and friends who got a renovation done recently is one of the most reliable sources of acquiring feedbacks regarding their work. Also while analyzing the quotes, it is important to check if the quality of work is not compromised to give a low price.
• Should acquire basic knowledge of paving process: The chances of your contractor cheating on you regarding the quality of material, the thickness of asphalt laid, and other functional specification would be much less if you have a general idea about paving standards. Also, you would be in a better negotiating position to decide the terms of the contract.
• Type of material and machinery used: There are the different grade of asphalt with the varied proportion of fresh and recycled asphalt. You should check if the contractor is not using substandard material against what committed in contract to earn additional money. Now the sophisticated machines have taken over the work of laying down and spreading of asphalt from traditional manual processes. One should ensure that contractor uses most advanced techniques and equipment.
• Check contractor’s experience and certifications: The contractor should be licensed. Having professional certification for all their workforce from institutes like ICPI would be an added advantage. Evaluating their past work and projects and testimonies of previous clients can give you an idea about their work styles is and what can you expect from them. Asking certain technical questions like the thickness of asphalt you can expect, what type of systems will be installed for traffic control etc.
• Consider the schedule and timelines: Generally established paving companies have multiple projects in hand. Therefore, we should check for their schedules and time commitments which they can offer for completion of your project.
Once you are satisfied on all the above parameters, you should get a contract with the contractor. Certain details which need to be covered in the contract include total estimated job cost including tax applicable, payment terms, material vendors and sub-contractors appointed by the contractor. Functional details like material specification, machinery, and equipment used, number of crew members deployed at your premises etc. warranty and insurance coverage are a vital clause which should be mandatorily included in the contract.