How To Choose The Best StairLift For Your Home

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As people age, there are many issues they face. The most common and fundamental problem is accessing rooms from one floor to another in your own home. Especially for elders who need help to move around but prefer to stay home rather than living in assisted homes. Also, many of these elders live in places with stairs which is not readily manageable due to their ageing body. If climbing stairs are the only challenge for seniors, then stairlifts are a perfect solution. click here to learn more about it.

Investing on a stairlift is not a small decision by any means and not a lot of considerations, but many specialists can help families choose the best option opines
Knowing about stairlifts, types available and what kind suits your house will give a heads up and makes sure you are on the right path. The first thing is to determine the type of staircase you have in your house. The reason behind finding out the kind of staircase is that stairlifts are designed based on the type of staircase.

Straight Stair Lift: If your home has stair which is straight, meaning there are no curves or bends then a straight stairlift is the best option. It is not only cheaper but can also be installed quickly. Moreover, installation of these stairlifts involve minimal remodeling of the house as the tracks are not fit to the wall but is fixed to the stairs

Curved stairs: These stairlifts are suitable for houses where there are curves along the stairs. As installation of these is complicated, it is more expensive than the straight stairlift and bridges have to be constructed to accommodate the curves and bends. These stairlifts are also installed on the stairs and not on the walls.

Outdoor stairs: It is similar to the straight stairlifts except that the materials used are waterproof as they have to withstand the weather.

Other considerations: Apart from the kind of staircase you have, you will have to decide whether you want a seated stairlift or a standing one. A seated stairlift needs a space which is broader than that required for a standing one. If you have difficulty standing, then you should opt for seated ones. If you are looking for a heavy-duty lift, then a full seat with a higher lifting capacity should be considered. If you have a less space and can stand for a few minutes, you can opt for standing lifts. Carefully check if there’s enough headroom for you to stand else you may hit your head.

Is my house strong to withstand stairlift?
Many seniors stay at homes that are old and are concerned about the structural damages to the stairway during or after installation. Though the concerns are valid, there is no cause for concern as most of these stairlifts are not mounted on the walls, and the stairs are sturdy enough to support the lifts. The key is to install based on the user’s requirements correctly. A qualified and professional technician will be able to ensure the safety of your house.

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