Home Renovation

2-green-orientationGoing green is the way. Homes are embracing earth-friendly building materials that are energy efficient. There is the abundant choice when it comes to eco-friendly materials. Though these are expensive, it can definitely save money over a period of time. Recycled materials are the best option for starters. When it comes to renovation, there is no need for complete rebuild but just plugging the holes will do. Two important factors to consider while opting for eco-friendly building materials are location and climate. A home improvement company like Excel Builders LLC can work on deciding the right building material for your home.

Identifying an eco-friendly building material need some thought. The energy needed to make the raw material and the fuel to transport it to the destination decides on whether it is eco-friendly or not. Similarly, any material with eco-friendly properties is considered to be good insulators. Any material that can retain heat and cooling is considered an eco-friendly solution. Next, the material that lasts longer is apt for the environment. Finally, the disposable methods have to be earth friendly. If the products are recyclable, it is advantageous.

Some of the eco-friendly building materials include mud brick that is made from clay and water. Straw is added to this mixture to prevent cracking. This is an ancient building technique and is earth friendly. Here sunlight is used to dry the mud bricks, and the process is natural. Rammed earth is another green material where a mixture of sand, gravel, clay and silt is poured in between flat panels and compacted. This needs little energy and can be made with locally available raw materials. However, this lacks insulation. Strawbale is made of compressed straw. It is rendered and smoothened with cement. It offers excellent insulation. Green roofs are made from plant coverings that can be converted into an organic garden.