November 29, 2017

Tips On How To Find A Good Builder

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Good Builder

Are you worried about how to find a good builder hearing to all the scary stories of builders ditching projects midway or your plan going out of the budget? But the fact is that there are builders like home builders Aveling Homes who are experienced, capable and professional who will complete your project on time and within the estimated cost. A good home building experience is based on how well you choose a good builder as per statistics published on a leading realty website
So, it is essential that you find a builder who is experienced in the area of work you want and also at a competitive price. Here are a few tips on how to choose one such builder for your home building project.

Ask your architect: Architects often work with builders which may be quite similar to your project, and they are an excellent source to help you find a good builder. There are a few architects or designers who not only provide home designs but also can take on projects on an end-end basis, that is design, build, supervise and become site administrators. They may have in-house builders or through tenders or bidding get quotes from various builders and appoint them based on experience and merit. Even though your architect may not provide end-end services, they might have contact with right builders.

Listings in boards: Checking out the listings on boards is a great way to find builders who are active in your area. That is the most efficient form of advertisement even for builders. It gives a sense of what work the builder has achieved.

Building inspectors: These local inspectors whose work is to inspect the buildings in the area can help you guide to a good builder. These inspectors whose task is to check the standards of the building will make a good source for not only taking useful tips on the quality of the construction before even starting the project. Though a few inspectors are reluctant to give names off the record, some of them are helpful and do not mind providing contact with builders.

Housing associations: You can find contacts from trade associations. Though it is not mandatory for builders to register their names in this association, it is still a good starting point for your search for a suitable builder. Also, there is no background verification or any physical checks conducted by this association of the builders listed; it is still better than contacting someone online or through yellow pages.

Websites: There are a few leading websites that have a builder database and is based on recommendations which are the most important criteria while looking for a good builder. The recommendations come from homeowners after their project is completed. The process is that a feedback form has to be completed by the builder and the best feedback has the highest rating.
If you have found a builder ensure you ask for references to the past projects. Take some time off to have a look at the project and also talk to the owners in their absence. Go ahead and hire the builder only if you get positive feedback from a few references.

Benefits Of A Property Management Company

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Benefits Of A Property Management Company

You may have bought your first property and already calculated the side income that you can get out of it. But are you aware of all the laws and the pitfalls that come with managing a property? There can be many pain areas when it comes to renting a property; tenants can call you any time of the day over trivial issues, may not pay rent on time or can get you into legal trouble. When you are unable to handle all this on your own, you should hire condominium property management in the GTA to help you out. But reports that many property owners shy away from hiring a property manager as they think it is expensive and not worth. Well, that’s not the case, below are a few reasons why hiring a property management company is worthy of investment.

Better tenants: It is a hassle to have a bad tenant in the first place, add to it the time consumed to drive them away and look for another one. It’s just not worth the time. Why not screen the applicants the first thing rather than finding out later that the tenant is not right for you? Hiring a property management company means that they thoroughly select candidates to find tenants who are reliable. They look for people:
Who pays their rent on the given date?
Stay for the agreed time or want to rent for longer duration.
Do not damage your property.
Create less hassle to property owners.
A property management company will have the experience to screen the applicants and look for red flags and shield you from rental issues that may have legal complications for you in the future. The main benefit you can get out of hiring a property management company is that they can help you get reliable tenants and save you from any scams or lawsuits.

Hassle free rent collection: Property management company handles rent collection and any fees that need to be paid for late payments. Paying rent on time is a non-negotiable term which your tenant may take advantage of in case of not hiring a property manager. A property manager acts as a middle person between you and your tenant and ensures that rent is paid on time. In case rent payment is delayed property manager must recover it along with the late fee, and you are saved from all this headache. In extreme cases, they also evict the tenants out of your property if they consistently delay or fail to pay the rent due.

Less vacancy period: A property manager will place ads on ICC Property Management on Google+ and other places where there is a large number of applicants available to ensure you get a tenant in a short span. They can also negotiate the price of advertising rates as they know where to place ads and what to say about the property. Moreover, due to their sales background, they know what to showcase to the prospective tenants and how to close the deal which can benefit you.

How To Choose The Best StairLift For Your Home

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As people age, there are many issues they face. The most common and fundamental problem is accessing rooms from one floor to another in your own home. Especially for elders who need help to move around but prefer to stay home rather than living in assisted homes. Also, many of these elders live in places with stairs which is not readily manageable due to their ageing body. If climbing stairs are the only challenge for seniors, then stairlifts are a perfect solution. click here to learn more about it.

Investing on a stairlift is not a small decision by any means and not a lot of considerations, but many specialists can help families choose the best option opines
Knowing about stairlifts, types available and what kind suits your house will give a heads up and makes sure you are on the right path. The first thing is to determine the type of staircase you have in your house. The reason behind finding out the kind of staircase is that stairlifts are designed based on the type of staircase.

Straight Stair Lift: If your home has stair which is straight, meaning there are no curves or bends then a straight stairlift is the best option. It is not only cheaper but can also be installed quickly. Moreover, installation of these stairlifts involve minimal remodeling of the house as the tracks are not fit to the wall but is fixed to the stairs

Curved stairs: These stairlifts are suitable for houses where there are curves along the stairs. As installation of these is complicated, it is more expensive than the straight stairlift and bridges have to be constructed to accommodate the curves and bends. These stairlifts are also installed on the stairs and not on the walls.

Outdoor stairs: It is similar to the straight stairlifts except that the materials used are waterproof as they have to withstand the weather.

Other considerations: Apart from the kind of staircase you have, you will have to decide whether you want a seated stairlift or a standing one. A seated stairlift needs a space which is broader than that required for a standing one. If you have difficulty standing, then you should opt for seated ones. If you are looking for a heavy-duty lift, then a full seat with a higher lifting capacity should be considered. If you have a less space and can stand for a few minutes, you can opt for standing lifts. Carefully check if there’s enough headroom for you to stand else you may hit your head.

Is my house strong to withstand stairlift?
Many seniors stay at homes that are old and are concerned about the structural damages to the stairway during or after installation. Though the concerns are valid, there is no cause for concern as most of these stairlifts are not mounted on the walls, and the stairs are sturdy enough to support the lifts. The key is to install based on the user’s requirements correctly. A qualified and professional technician will be able to ensure the safety of your house.

A Checklist For Hiring A Paving Contractor

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Getting a repair of re-do of your driveway, pathway or parking area may sound like a small job, but all these projects add value to the property. No one would like to have cracks and potholes just in front of their door, it would impact the overall appearance of the property as well as may lead to a very unpleasant experience with your guest. Hence choosing a qualified and experienced paving contractor becomes imperative. In asphalt driveways sydney paving companies offer specialized packages for designing your parking area innovatively. As per, usually prominent paving companies take bigger projects of laying out city roads and highways, but the home improvement projects are a new variant which is gaining popularity in recent times and therefore they have come up with a dedicated team for the same.
Let us now review steps to be followed for appointing a paving contractor.
• Arrange for multiple quotes: It is always better to ask quotation from multiple contractors. Comparing their offering, the rate quoted and reputation in the market, one should finalize the contractor. Taking references from family and friends who got a renovation done recently is one of the most reliable sources of acquiring feedbacks regarding their work. Also while analyzing the quotes, it is important to check if the quality of work is not compromised to give a low price.
• Should acquire basic knowledge of paving process: The chances of your contractor cheating on you regarding the quality of material, the thickness of asphalt laid, and other functional specification would be much less if you have a general idea about paving standards. Also, you would be in a better negotiating position to decide the terms of the contract.
• Type of material and machinery used: There are the different grade of asphalt with the varied proportion of fresh and recycled asphalt. You should check if the contractor is not using substandard material against what committed in contract to earn additional money. Now the sophisticated machines have taken over the work of laying down and spreading of asphalt from traditional manual processes. One should ensure that contractor uses most advanced techniques and equipment.
• Check contractor’s experience and certifications: The contractor should be licensed. Having professional certification for all their workforce from institutes like ICPI would be an added advantage. Evaluating their past work and projects and testimonies of previous clients can give you an idea about their work styles is and what can you expect from them. Asking certain technical questions like the thickness of asphalt you can expect, what type of systems will be installed for traffic control etc.
• Consider the schedule and timelines: Generally established paving companies have multiple projects in hand. Therefore, we should check for their schedules and time commitments which they can offer for completion of your project.
Once you are satisfied on all the above parameters, you should get a contract with the contractor. Certain details which need to be covered in the contract include total estimated job cost including tax applicable, payment terms, material vendors and sub-contractors appointed by the contractor. Functional details like material specification, machinery, and equipment used, number of crew members deployed at your premises etc. warranty and insurance coverage are a vital clause which should be mandatorily included in the contract.